I can recommend the products below for being cost effective ways of managing both your business quality and also your projects

Automated methodologies and processes to improve project effectiveness.

Project in a Box comes in 3 key flavors.
  1. A Personal edition for the independent Project Manager to track his projects and manage all the documentation and process.
  2. A Team edition with a mix of 20 licenses which utilizes SQL Server 2008 and up. This has an approvals process built in and full document management to ISO9001:2008 Section 4.1.
  3. An Enterprise edition purchased per license and with a user limit dependent upon your SQL Server implementation only. Team and Enterprise have the same features, only the licensing is different.

These packages come with a selection of templates which can be tailored to your business needs. I offer a service to implement the system, train users and to build custom templates tailored to your business.

Empowering your Quality Management System

Q-Pulse is the proven quality, safety and risk management solution for thousands of organisations across the world.
Q-Pulse, by Gael Ltd, is used in 86 countries, by over 2,500 organisations and by over 1.25 million users

I will carry out the initial information gathering to allow Gael’s specialist consultants to plan and implement your system