ICD-10 seems to be a great big Elephant in the room!

It does not have to be!
In the USA we have just put ICD-10 out, again, to October 2015!
The rest of the developed world has been working to this code set for over 10 years! So it is NOT a major problem, it just seems to be! Managing ICD-10 conversion is a management process. In fact when I was working at a major hospital in the UK in the 1990’s the PM for ICD-10 was from a manufacturing background - no clinical or even hospital experience, just a good PM

That does not mean it should not be taken seriously! Like any other project if it is established on firm foundations with enough effort put into preparation much cost and time can be saved. Below is a Mind Map of ICD-10. If you want the full interactive map please contact me through the contact form and I will email you access to the online map.