What is CPIC?

Nearly twenty years ago, the Clinger-Cohen Act (CCÅ) of 1996 was passed. The essence of the CCA has been melded with later legislation and is now part of United States Code. Essentially, it requires government agencies to use a disciplined Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process to acquire, use, maintain and dispose of information technology (IT). A robust CPIC process is a dynamic process in which IT investments are selected and then continually monitored and evaluated to ensure each chosen Capital Investment is well managed, cost effective, and supports the mission and strategic goals of the government organization. Here is a White Paper on CPIC from the OGC
The CPIC process is governed by an appropriate governance authority within an agency or bureau, to ensure that the appropriate Capital Investments enter, or are maintained in an agency’s portfolio. The CPIC process is closely aligned with Portfolio Management (PfM) processes. In 2009 PRINCE2 was chosen as the PM methodology for CPIC.

Generally, the Department’s or Agency’s CPIC program management office (PMO) is responsible for developing a comprehensive IT CPIC policy framework.

All phases of planning, operating, developing, modernizing, enhancing and maintaining Capital Investments, particularly with respect to Information Technology (IT) are budgeted, managed and reported: O&M for Operations and Maintenance, and DME, for Development, Modernization and Enhancement and now Provisioned IT Services.
The Office of Management & Budget (OMB) provides guidance and memos which aid CPIC professionals in managing and reporting investments compliantly and routinely. Two OMB Circulars are integral to a compliant CPIC process. The A-11 and A-130 are these governing Circulars. The reports have been called various things over the years, "E53", "Exhibit 300", "300A&B", "Annual IT Budget and Management report (AITBMR)" - though guidance tends to change annually and it's imperative that professionals stay current with their education and certifications in order to meet the on-going targets for compliant investment and portfolio management. 

Founded in 2006, the CPIC Forum Charter brings together the government and industry Capital Planning community to provide professional standards, enrichment and educational opportunities.
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