Project Resource Organisation Management and Planning Techniques
A project management method developed by Simpact Systems Ltd., PROMPTII, was a response to the outcry that many computer projects were overrunning on time estimated for completion and original budgets as set out in feasibility studies. It was not unusual to experience factors of double, treble or even ten-times the original estimates. PROMPTII was trying to set down guidelines for the stage flow of a computer project as follows:
  • Feasibility Study: to decide whether the project should and can be done, and whether it will work if it is done.
  • Initial Stage: where the project organisation is set-up.
  • Specification Stage: development of the user specification.
  • Design Stage: where the logical, and from this, the physical design of the computer system is developed.
  • Development Stage: when the system is built and tested.
  • Installation Stage: where the user accepts a working system.
  • Operation Stage: when the system is tuned for the work in hand.
In 1979, the UK Government's Central Computing and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) adopted the method for all information systems projects. This led to PRINCE's development ten years later.